After selling hundreds of homesites and vacant land in and around Prescott AZ, I learned just how important it was to my clients to be surrounded by beautiful, fragrant pine trees. Apart from the more temperate climate and the friendly small town feel in Prescott (vs. Phoenix, for example), it is the lush Ponderosa Pine trees and granite boulders that create an unparalleled sense of connection with nature. For this reason, I decided to specialize in selling Prescott Pine Tree Homes, exclusively, especially those homes in piney areas that are in close proximity to Downtown Prescott.

I love working with home sellers and home buyers who appreciate living amongst the pine trees. The quality of life here in Prescott is even enhanced by the scent of pines.

Buyers: We do not recommend shopping these neighborhoods with Trulia, or Zillow (ZTR). All of these and many others use “blanket comps” which do not indicate true values. Prescott has many mountains, especially where the Ponderosa and Pinon Pines are.

Reasons the ZTR blanket estimates do not work well

  • Many lots were sold to individual Builders
  • There are very few “look-alike” homes here
  • No “cookie-cutter” or “ticky-tack” homes here
  • Forest settings vary widely from one part of town to another
  • Prescott is hilly and some of the lots are steep
  • Some have big views, others do not
  • Ages of the homes vary widely, a few are as old as 100 years or more
  • Homes in the pines are mostly 30 to 50 years old
  • Many homes have been remodeled or updated

Doing meaningful CMAs in Prescott is very difficult. I do not routinely do CMAs as it is so difficult to account for or adjust for the factors mentioned above.

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