My analysis shows that there may be a $50,000 to $60,000 premium for a 2,000 sq-ft home in the Ponderosa Pines compared to a home that is not in a “piney” area.

Reasons the ZTR blanket estimates do not work well

  • Many lots were sold to individual Builders
  • No “cookie-cutter” or “ticky-tack” homes here
  • Forest settings vary widely across town
  • Prescott is hilly and some of the lots are steep
  • Some have big views, others do not
  • Ages of the homes vary widely — Many around 35 years old
  • Many homes have been remodeled or updated

Questions you should ask

  • How steep is the lot? – very few nearly level lots
  • How many stair steps to get to the main living level?
  • How many levels in the home?
  • How steep is the driveway and how long is it?
  • Does the driveway face north or south?
  • Do you want to live in the pines?

It will be a tremendous advantage to you if you have a Buyer’s Agent working on your behalf. Homes in the pines sell through quickly. Don’t miss out!

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