Friday, June 7, 2019

The appeal of Timberridge for residents of Prescott is its location less than two miles from downtown, while still being located in the pines. It is surrounded by huge Ponderosa Pines lending a fresh fragrance to the whole neighborhood. Often visitors looking for a home is usually, “wow, it smells really good!” Timber Ridge sits on the edge of the Prescott National Forest with the nation’s largest stand of Ponderosa Pine trees.

Elevations in Timberridge run from a little less than 5,700′ up to 5,800′ making it one of the oooler neighborhoods — certainly cooler than in Phoenix. The Prescott National Forest with its dense Ponderosa Pines also keeps Timberridge from being windy.

Timberridge was developed as lots and many custom builders did their own thing and resulting in no two homes being alike. No cookie cutter homes or ticky-tak homes here! Residents enjoy amenities like the clubhouse, pool, fitness center, basketball and tennis courts.

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