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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

As you set foot into Wikutepa Estates, you will find yourself surrounded by majestic boulders and gorgeous views that will cause your emotions to swell. Your curiosity will draw you to venture deeper into the canyons and crevices of the towering rock formations, exploring for clues of ancient Indian relics or signs of passing wildlife. You might catch a glimpse of a fox searching for its next meal or watch an eagle scan the earth below and feel the fresh, cool Prescott air passing through your hair. This is an adventure you possibly dreamed of as a child.

It now is in front of you, behind you–it’s as far as you can see all around you. You can’t wait to crest the next rise to see if this beauty has any limits. You stop for only a second just to listen to the silence, and you begin to feel that you must be hundreds of miles from civilization. As you search the horizon, you see Baby Granite Mountain towering over you. But wait, could I really be able to live amongst all this beauty or is this a dream?

Well, yes, this is a dream–a dream come true! We do have some selected lots available that you could build your million dollar plus dream home on. We are offering large two to three acre lots with fabulous views or secluded valleys. These lots are in short supply and will surely continue to increase in value. All lots are two acre minimums. So be sure to take advantage of this rare and limited opportunity. All lots have been arranged to take advantage of building envelopes and views.

The Wikutepa Property Owners’ Association has recently contracted the paving of the main road on the property. They also have discussed and approved plans for the installation of a beautiful entrance to the property, including a water feature and vegetation. This project is planned for the future, once some homes have been completed. This will only increase the values of this already valuable land.

When I first saw this land, I had a strong feeling that this would be the ultimate home site in Arizona and I wanted to build my own home here.

I come often just to sit on top of a protruding boulder to watch for wildlife and sit in silence to think about this wonderful land that God has created for us. It’s a spiritual experience every time I come. Everyone that has purchased property in this area has an emotional attachment to their lot. When they discuss their future plans for a home, you can tell they are planning a true dream home. I would like to show you around and allow the natural beauty to have its effects on you–even if you don’t think you’re ready to buy a lot yet. I actually enjoy showing or should I say, sharing this property with others.

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